I’m a visual artist based in Poznań, Poland. My artistic practice focuses in-between the fields of painting and sculpture. I am interested in the artwork as an object, its relationship within embodied space, and its presence in the perceptual field as the interface superior to all phenomena. I use materiality to express qualities from the edge of visual representation and to evoke emotions hidden under the surface of sight.

I graduated from Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts in Poznan where I received an MFA (2011) and a PhD (2019). I’m currently working there as an assistant professor at the Studio of Painting in Architecture @malarstwo.w.architekurze and as a co-curator at Szewska 16 Gallery @galeriaszewska16.



(upcoming) _2023_Duza Scena UAP, Poznan, PL
_2019_White cube / black cube_Rodriguez Gallery (PhD show)_Poznan, PL
_2015_Untitled (UAP Foundation Project)_Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts_Poznan, PL
_2015_From One Another_Rotunda Gallery (Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts)_Poznan, PL
_2014_The Crossroad_Municipal Bureau of Art Exhibitions_Leszno, PL
_2013–2018_The Deportees (mural in public space)_The Museum of Sybir_Bialystok, PL
_2012_The Constellations_Art Gallery_Mosina, PL



_2023_Risotheque_Rotunda Gallery (Magdalena Abakanowicz University of the Arts)_Poznan, PL
_2023_Common Gestures (II)_Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art: Witches' Tower, Small Gallery_Slupsk, PL
_2021_Common Gestures (I)_The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design_Wroclaw, PL
_2021_To co najbardziej proste wydaje się wygięte_Municipal Bureau of Art Exhibitions_Pila, PL
_2019_11. Triennial of Small-Size Painting_The Wozownia Art Gallery_Torun, PL
_2019_Neighbourhood 2_Europäische Naturerlebnis-stätte Oderberge Lebus, DE
_2016_Edycja 2_Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Center
for Drawing and Graphics_Kalisz, PL

_2015_Ex katedra_Municipal Gallery Arsenal_Poznal, PL
_2014_70x70_Faculty of Architecture at the Bialystok University of Technology_Bialystok, PL
_2014_Kolumnada. Sztuka wobec architektury_Lecture Center of the Poznan University of Technology_Poznan, PL
_2013_Imaginarium_Galeria Profil at ZAMEK Culture Centre_Poznan, PL
_2013_Together 2013. International Porcelain Painting Symposium_Riga Porcelain Museum_Riga, LV
_2013_9. Triennial of Small-Size Painting_The Wozownia Art Gallery_Torun, PL
_2013_Pedagodzy i studenci UAP w Palmiarni Poznanskiej_Poznan Palm House, PL
_2013_Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie_Miejski Osrodek Sztuki_Gorzow Wielkopolski, PL
_2013_Paintball_Municipal Gallery Arsenal_Poznan, PL
_2011_Obszary rysunku_Rondo Sztuki_Katowice, PL
_2011_W samo poludnie_Galeria Rzeznia_Poznan, PL
_2010_XI Pracownia Malarstwa_Muzeum im. Stanislawa Staszica_Pila, PL
_2009_XII Pracownia Malarstwa_Contemporary Art Gallery_Wloclawek, PL


_2022_Mozaiki naramowickie_Lotarynska 6: Mikro Dom Kultury, Poznan, PL
_2018_Mozaika z pamieci_Poznan, PL_as part of the Academy of the City, organized by the Malta Foundation_co-author of the mosaic workshop for the residents of the Piastowskie Housing Estate, aimed at using the historical mosaic recovered from the swimming pool intended to be demolished
_2017–2018_What if Frida has been painting a mural... _the concept and the execution of the workshop on wall painting within an educational program of the exhibition Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. The polish context at ZAMEK Culture Centre in Poznan, PL


Studio of Painting in Architecture_


_2020_Painting in architectural and urban space at art academies and universities in Poland_Plenerowy Dom Studencki_Skoki, PL
_2013_Together 2013. International Porcelain Painting Symposium_The International Art and Education Centre of the Latvian Artists’ Union, Zvartava, LV


_2013_1st Prize in the competition for a mural design entitled The Deportations to the East, organized by The Museum of Sibir in Białystok, PL
_2013_Nowy Obraz / Nowe Spojrzenie  (selected)